A Buyer’s Guide to Horse Boots for Different Occasions

A Buyer’s Guide to Horse Boots for Different Occasions

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for horse boots is that different horses have different protection needs, especially when they engage in different activities. If you have a horse that you take out for show jumping, you can bet that their hooves are going to require a different degree of protection than horses who play polo.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the different types of horse boots on the market and the occasions to which they are best suited.

Bell Boots

If your horse needs extra support and protection in their lower leg and hoof area, you may want to consider bell boots. These horse boots drape over the hoof area, giving it extra protection in the form of a plastic or foam case, with a soft interior or sheepskin or something similar.

Does Your Horse Jump?

Show jumping is one of the great classic horse sports. There’s something absolutely mesmerizing about a horse taking off and leaping through the air. For as majestic as they may be while airborne, however, what goes up must come down, and you want to make sure that your horse doesn’t injure themselves when they land.

If you jump horses, therefore, you want to make sure that you have jumping boots. These give horses extra support so as to prevent their legs from buckling under the added pressure that comes with jumping and landing.

In addition, if you take your horse jumping often, you’ll want to consider open front boots. These are especially important when it comes to jumping horses because the nature of show jumping can leave your horse unaware of its surroundings. An open front helps ensure that, while they run, horses are not oblivious to the dangers around them. An open front allows them to feel what’s around them, thereby enabling them to steer clear of danger.

Do You Do Dressage?

By its very nature, dressage is an equine activity that calls for beauty and elegance. You don’t want your horse riding around in what looks like an obtrusive plastic shell. What’s more, dressage requires maneuverability, and so you cannot choose horse boots that limit mobility.

Thankfully, the best dressage boots do a great job of balancing the aesthetic and functional side of things to offer boots that look as good as they fit while providing great protection.

Extra Support for Arthritic Horses

If your horse suffers from arthritis, you need to address that before you can enjoy any special occasions with them. Fetlock boots can protect and support the fetlock joint just above your horse’s hoof, while other boots are specially designed to help secure injured or arthritic legs.

Fly Boots

Even the best-groomed horses can attract flies. Whether you’re taking your horse out for dressage and show jumping competitions or simply looking to ride them around a bit, neither you nor your horse will want to be bothered by flies, nor will any onlooking judges be impressed to see your horse fly-ridden. Fly boots are, thus, invaluable for protecting your horse against flies while also repelling those buzzing pests.

No matter the occasion, the right horse boots can make things all the better for you and your horse.

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