Buying Horse Jumps to Prepare For the Show Ring

If you’re thinking about competing in hunter jumper A and B rated shows, you will want to do everything you can to be totally prepared. Not only do you need to be prepared, but your horse does as well, and that means exposing them to as many show-type jumps as possible. There is nothing worse than walking into the show ring and having your horse refuse at the very first jump. Even if you don’t have a very spooky horse, it’s a good idea to expose them to a wide range of jumps so you both know what to expect. Here are a few things jumps you should add to your training arena.


A Liverpool is incredibly important to have at home if you plan on competing in jumpers or top-level equitation. Even the most solid horses tend to take a hard look at water jumps. A good alternative to water is to have a blue tarp that you can spread out under the jump.

Brick Wall

Brick walls are actually just wooden boxes painted to look like bricks. The bright colors and solid features can sometimes be scary to horses.

Roll Top

Roll tops are made out of wood and can be found painted in a range of colors. However, horse shows generally have roll tops that are covered in a green artificial grass.

Flower and Brush Boxes

You should have plenty of flower and brush boxes with a variety of different colored artificial flowers for each box.

Planks and Gates

Planks and gates are great for filling out jumps and creating a different look for each obstacle. Make sure they are varied both in color and design.

Once you have all of these additional jumps, remember to change them up regularly. You want your horse to see new jumps all the time, so by changing boxes, rearranging the course and adding new flowers, you are giving yourself the best chance of doing well once you reach the show arena. On a final note, remember to practice jumping very plain, simple white fences too – sometimes those are the spookiest!

Source by Belle Cosgrave

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