Speedicut Boots – The Right Boots Can Protect Your Horse’s Legs Better

Speedicut Boots – The Right Boots Can Protect Your Horse’s Legs Better

Wearing the right pair of riding boots is essential for every equestrian. However, boots are not just solely meant for the person riding the horse. They are also essentially worn by the horse. Horse boots are worn by the animal to protect its legs from injuries during racing or traveling. Horse boots are typically wrapped […]

Dressage Saddles – The Distinguishing Characteristics

Dressage Saddles – The Distinguishing Characteristics

English saddles differ among themselves in several distinct ways. Primarily, the differences lay in the seat location and the flap shape and flap length. In disciplines like jumping where the rider needs shorter stirrups for extra support, the flap is more forward and shorter to accommodate the bend of the knee. For the same reason, […]

Used Saddle Buying Tips for Trail Riding

There’s a line in the 1985 movie “Murphy’s Romance” with James Garner and Sally Field. They are at the horse auction and the auctioneer says “We’ve got some bargains and some surprises here today folks, your job is to figure which is which.” Sadly, too many people selling something you might want tend to keep […]

Pessoa Saddles – Buying Guide

History Rodrigo Pessoa, is responsible for the trustworthy and original, Pessoa Saddles. He grew up by his father’s example and at the age of 12, he conquered the title, “Champion of the Pony Class,” in Belgium. He was the youngest rider competing at the Olympic Games in 1992. This legend, having conquered much, gave trademark […]

Jodhpurs And Breeches – What’s The Difference?

Jodhpurs and Breeches are two fantastic yet fashionable clothing items, which is highly demanded among horse riders. But do you know what the difference between the both? Often these are interchangeably pronounced at the place of one another, which may confuse the buyer. If you are not sure what the actual difference between them, so, […]

Wearing a Body Protector for Horse Riding

Why should I wear a body protector? Body protectors are foam filled vests that reduce the impact to the back and chest should you fall off a horse, or get kicked or trodden on by a horse. Although wearing one will not prevent injury, it can significantly cushion an impact and reduce its severity. They […]

Hit the Hay With a Horse Comforter Set

Horse lovers everywhere can now avail themselves of their very own horse comforter set that is taking the world by storm. You may well be a recreational horse rider, an equestrian competitor, an animal lover or just plain love horses, whatever your feelings about our equine friends you will love to snuggle up every night […]

What Horse Riding Clothing Do I Need For Summer?

The type of horse riding clothing you’ll need for the summer months will of course vary according to what you’re doing. You might just need clothes for the yard and hacking. Or you might need full show attire. Whatever your plans, you’ll need a few items to see you through. Here’s a round up of […]