My Big Horn Saddle Review

Quality and Technology To kick off this Big Horn Saddle review, let’s look at what makes Big Horn a high-quality brand and the technology they use. Their prime philosophy is to create well-fitting saddles at an affordable price. To do this, their saddles are all hand-made. By combining classic saddle-making techniques with modern technology, they’ve […]

Chaps and Gaiters: What’s the Difference?

It’s no surprise that horse riders can often get a little confused about the huge number of products available. With so much on the market, it can be a difficult task to know exactly what is vital and what is simply nice to have. When it comes to horse riding itself, safety should always be […]

Ariat Riding Boots – Need No Further Protection For Feet

When it comes to riding boots, there is no other name in UK that is as famous for its quality and style as Ariat. It stands first among footwear brands for equestrian riders, not just in the UK but all over the world. Riding boots from Ariat are made for both world-class horse riding athletes […]

Equestrian Essentials: Gatehouse Riding Helmets

Riding Hats – How They Work A riding hat is the most important piece of equestrian clothing. They are made up of a hard shell lined with shock absorbing material made of high-grade expanded polystyrene, full of microscopic bubbles. The layers of bubbles burst upon impact. As they burst, they protect the head and reduce […]

Equestrian Look Making You Mad For Riding Boots?

The horsey-set is back in vogue. According to Advertising Age Mad Men has all of the fashion world buzzing, “The 1960s-era AMC series is causing a stir in the fashion world this fall, with designers citing it as their muse and retailers stocking their shelves accordingly. Thanks to Don Draper, Joan Holloway and the gang, […]

The Rider’s Attire for Each Equestrian Discipline

There are a number of disciplines in the equestrian world all very different from each other; this includes the clothes and accessories that the rider wears. This article provides a basic guide to what attire should be worn for each of the main equestrian disciplines; dressage, show jumping, cross country, showing in hand, hunting and […]

The Insider’s Guide to Buying Equestrian Property

There are some spectacular horse farms and ranches for sale at any given time, so you’re likely to have a wide variety of properties to consider. You may be tempted to dive right in and start touring the areas you’re considering for your property, but we encourage you to be deliberate in your process, because […]

Grain bags for horses | Top 5 grain bags for horses 2020 Review

Grain bags for horses | Top 5 grain bags for horses 2020 Review

There are lots of different ways to feed horses both hay and hard feed and everyone has their own preference depending on the individual horse and how he is kept.  Hard feed can be fed in a flexible trug, in a rigid manger usually made of plastic which either fits into the corner of the […]

Best Horse Food Pellets | 2020 Ultimate Buyers Guide

Best Horse Food Pellets | 2020 Ultimate Buyers Guide

Feeding horses is both an art and a science – it requires complex nutritional evaluation as well as a good working knowledge of horse management plus an eye for the animal in front of you.  Fortunately, all the number crunching and scientific input is managed by the equestrian feed companies making it far simpler for […]