Equine Bio-security is simple with Equine Bio Fluid

Equine Bio-security is simple with Equine Bio Fluid

Multi-purpose, eco-friendly disinfectant launches for the equine industry. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made everyone aware of the need for bio-security. While research is ongoing into pets and horses carrying coronavirus, we are all aware that our horses are at risk of carrying and passing on infectious diseases and viruses, the equine flu pandemic of 2019 was widely documented. 

The introduction of Equine Bio Genie, Bio Fluid means you can eliminate up to 99.9999% of all pathogens, viruses and infectious diseases from any surface that you or your horse may come into contact with.  

What makes the Equine Bio Genie formulation unique in the biocidal market, is that it is safe, effective and eco-friendly. 

In comparison to traditional liquid detergents/sprays that are currently used on many yards, is that Equine Bio Fluid degrades to water and oxygen and leaves NO chemical residue.   Many of these disinfectants also smell and taste totally abhorrent to horses and can affect their health. 

Equine Bio Genie Bio Fluid is totally colourless and odourless, it is non-corrosive, free from alcohol and chlorine and is entirely safe to use on any surface as well as in feed rooms, buckets/water systems, leather goods, clothing and around the horses themselves. There is NO NEED for wiping down or rinsing. The patented formula of Hydrogen Peroxide and Ionic Silver as a stabilising agent kills bacteria and pathogens, protects from infection after application,  maintaining superior microbiological control with no known resistance. 

The launch of Bio Genie Bio Fluid means that horse owners can spray all of the objects and surfaces, that come into contact with the horse such as saddles, bridles, rugs, boots and lorry partitions. Giving peace of mind while travelling or at comeptitions. 

The spray aluminium bottles are available in two sizes. 

100ml for easy quick personal use, no more dried out hands from alcohol-based hand gels. RRP: £4.80 

500ml heavy duty trigger spray for yard use. £6.35 

Equine Bio Genie, Bio Fluid is available to the trade. Tested and approved by the Irish Eqine Centre, approved by DEFRA.

Please contact www.equine-bio-genie.co.uk to make an enquiry or call 07796358202 or 01296326711.


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