Miscanthus Horse Bedding from Terravesta Equine

Miscanthus Horse Bedding from Terravesta Equine

Growing in popularity, Miscanthus Horse Bedding from Terravesta Equine is the ideal choice for horse owners looking for a bedding that is easy to use, good for your horse and good for the environment.

Made from finely chopped Miscanthus, which is grown by British Farmers, the bedding is 100% natural and fully traceable from the field to your yard.

Terravesta Equine’s Miscanthus horse bedding is chemical free and dust extracted helping to maintain respiratory health, particularly at this time of year when horses are stabled for longer.

Unlike traditional straw, Miscanthus is naturally unpalatable to horses that eat their bedding. Once the stable is bedded down, you only need to pick out soiled patches and then top up the bed with a fresh bale each week.

Three times more absorbent than straw, Miscanthus carries less bacteria and microbes so it is an extremely hygienic bedding option, reducing unwanted odours, which also means the transfer of ammonia odour to rugs when your horse lies down is reduced.

Due to its super absorbent qualities, Miscanthus is easy to muck out saving valuable time on a dark winter morning and helps to keep the muck heap small in comparison to other types of bedding, rotting down to organic matter much quicker than wood shavings.

Available in compact 20kg bales, a pallet contains 35 bales and cost £314.52 which includes UK mainland delivery. Get stocked up for winter now!

For more information contact Terravesta Equine on 01522 731873, email info@terravesta-equine.com or visit www.terravesta-equine.com


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