A Buyer’s Guide to Horse Boots for Different Occasions

A Buyer’s Guide to Horse Boots for Different Occasions

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for horse boots is that different horses have different protection needs, especially when they engage in different activities. If you have a horse that you take out for show jumping, you can bet that their hooves are going to require a different degree […]

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A Quick Look at Different Types of Horse Boots and Polo Wraps

Having the right pads and protective gear is essential for any athlete, and the same holds true for horses. Equine activities vary greatly in terms of the demands they place on horses’ bodies, and so it’s important to make sure that our horses are protected with the right type of horse boot for each occasion. […]

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How Do I Choose the Right Horse Boots for My Horse?

Horse Boots The best way to determine how to choose the best horse boots for your horse is to first decide which condition you’re trying to remedy or why you want the boots in the first place. These boots are made for specific purposes and for all types of horses, so it’s good to study […]