Top Tips for Staying Warm at the Stables This Winter

Top Tips for Staying Warm at the Stables This Winter

The benefits to body and mind of being warm and dry whilst you are riding or working with horses are huge, especially if you live in a country where the winters are cold or wet. We’ve all encountered those days where you return home, soaked to the skin and freezing cold and can’t bear the thought of doing it all again tomorrow. It is really a necessity to buy some good quality horse riding clothing that is warm and waterproof. Keeping warm in the winter (or the summer for that matter if you are living in the UK!) is more than just wearing a coat and some waterproof trousers (although they are important!). The key to staying warm and comfortable is to wear layers, but this needs to be balanced with the fact that too many layers will restrict you in the saddle. There is a simple three step rule to this:

Start with a base layer. The base layer is as you would expect, the base that is next to your skin. The best items to use are specialist thermal underwear. There are retailers who sell specialist horse riding clothes for this purpose and these items are always made from thermal material that wicks moisture away from the body. If you are serious about avoiding the cold then never wear a cotton base layer which does not wick moisture away from the body and gets cold and wet quite quickly.

The next layer of horse riding clothing is the insulating layer. And again as you would expect, this is one or two layers of insulated material. Avoid cotton if you can as again this tends to get cold and wet quickly. You can buy some very effective, thin and lightweight polar fleeces which are brilliant for keeping you warm without being too bulky. It is usually difficult to fit an insulating layer underneath your breeches due to the style of such horse riding gear, but your pair of breeches can act as your insulating layer over a pair of thermal tights if your legs really feel the cold. Also, don’t forget your feet. The extremities are usually the first parts to feel the cold and cause you the most discomfort when you have to be in the cold weather all day. It is wise to invest in a few pairs of quality socks such as the thermal ones used by skiers, or some insulated boot liners to make life easier!

The third outer layer of your horse riding clothing is the one that keeps you waterproofed and wind proofed. A warm, waterproof and windproof jacket is essential when you are outside battling the elements all day. Try to choose a brand of clothing that is specifically suited to horse riding which will have additional features to keep you dry in the saddle. The best jackets are waterproof in one direction only which keeps you dry but allows moisture wicked away from the body to escape, keeping you comfortable all day long. A pair of waterproof riding trousers or chaps, which are sometimes fleece lined, can be a life saver for your lower body when you are riding out in the wind and rain.

As a final point, always remember the golden rule when buying horse riding clothing or equipment – you should buy the best quality items that you can afford. Shopping around online can be a good way to do this and there are many online tack shops that sell quality items at a reasonable price.

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