Weatherbeeta Rugs: The Use of Technology to Create Comfortable Horse Wear

Who is Weatherbeeta?

Weatherbeeta have been designing and manufacturing horse rugs for retail all over the world for more than thirty years. With a strong focus on innovation and progression, they use advanced design and materials as standard, aiming to create the highest quality possible horse wear.

With this high quality comes the assurance that Weatherbeeta rugs are designed to fit both comfortably and safely, so you can be sure that your horse will be well protected with a rug that fits securely whilst you’re not around.

What are their Products?

Weatherbeeta offer a range of horse rugs, including turnout and stable rugs, fly sheets, mesh and coolers for wear from foals, to ponies to horses. They are available with a range of fillings to suit different seasons and different climates. And not only do they create horse rugs, they also have a line of dog coats too.

What are the Technical advantages?

With a long held focus on the use of the latest technology for use in creating horse rugs, Weatherbeeta rugs use materials and design to make them not just waterproof, but also breathable. The outer fabric is designed to remain fully waterproof over sustained periods of rain. Whilst at the same time the fabric is breathable, meaning that sweat and excess moisture from your horse will be absorbed away from your horse’s skin and into the air. Further to this, some Weatherbeeta products have a ‘Repel Shell’ feature. This is an additional coating on the rug that repels water and dirt, whilst still being breathable.

How to look after your Weatherbeeta Rug?

Weatherbeeta rugs are really easy to look after. All they need is a wash at the end of the season, or more frequently as required. Do this by brushing off any excess dirt prior to washing, and then just place the rug in a washing machine. Or if you prefer, they can be washed by hand. A cool wash is enough, and also ensures that the waterproof coating and breathable properties are protected. Finally, just hang the rug out to dry, and it’s ready for use again.

Overall, a Weathebeeta rug is a great investment in your horse’s quality of life. The fit and weather protecting features mean that your horse will always be comfortable in any season, and you can be confident that your horse is being well looked after while you’re not around.

Source by Alana Holder

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