Winter Dressage Competitions – The Key to Success

Horses learn through repetition, it is believed a horse will learn an exercise if he does it approximately sixty times. Once a horse has learnt something, it’s always a good idea to revisit it every now and then so that the horse remembers it.

People in colder regions of the world who do not have access to indoor riding arenas may not have the advantage of being able to practice and train with their horse during the cold winter months. If you are lucky enough to have access to an indoor riding arena you should maintain your dressage training plan throughout the year. Working on your horse during the long winter months will only ensure a well trained horse ready for the spring season of dressage competitions.

Participating in winter competitions ensures your horse is performing at his best. Winter dressage competitions are far and few between but if you’re lucky enough to be within traveling distance to a competition you should sign up.

Taking part in dressage competitions during the winter helps your horse remain responsive and on his toes. It gives you the opportunity to enhance your training and prepare for the spring show season. The more you participate in competitions the more experience you and your horse gain and failing to participate in winter competitions may result in loss of condition in both you and your horse.

Try to find an equestrian facility that has an indoor dressage arena so you can training all year round. Some riding schools hold competitions during the winter month to allow riders to keep on top of their training. Research facilities around your area to choose the one that offers the best options for you and your horse.

Dressage is a discipline that requires many, many years of training and dedication and being able to compete during the winter can boost your training tremendously. This makes it vital if you’d like to tap into your horse’s full potential.

Source by Josie Amani

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